This is THE code of the 21st century. I’m researching for a book in which I’m planning to chart the psychoaffectivity of the social and political climate of the present, and a central concern of that text will be meaning of the phrase “Jihad is the cure for depression”. I am seduced by its ambiguities and tones of extreme cathartic violence, an immunological barbarism responding to a nihilism as a reactive resurrection of a futurism predicated on the return of the past (also cf. neoreaction/dark enlightenment primitivism understood as a Casandra prophesy; the near-term human extinctionists), and the failure of what gets called “the left” to offer any similar remedy. After I heard the phrase in one of those ISIS propaganda videos I asked myself: why hasn’t the left said anything so encompassing, anything so bold? Why is the left afraid to say “revolution will cure depression”?

The phrase- ‘Jihad is the cure for depression’- might come to be the crystallisation of our current and coming dark ages.


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