the dark age of love: serial killing

new anthology on the philosophy of serial killing is set to be released through schism press edited by Edia Connole and Gary J Shipley. The anthology includes some impressive thinkers setting down some weird thoughts that push the idea of serial killers, serial killing and psychopaths beyond the domesticated borders of TV shows, psychiatric banalities, and the pathetic existentialist self-identifications of these killers as heroic figures on the fringes of things. I’d recommend everyone who enjoys dark philosophical lunacy to get a copy as it is bound to be of very high quality.

To mark the forthcoming release I have drafted an essay “The Universe Wants to Kill You” that  goes into the weird and deformed/deforming territory of their grim speculative obit. Free from the idea that I am writing something that has to be good, maybe I’ll produce something that’s at least not bad.The text that I’ve written in a post-nightshift fog of mental calamity and piss is a brief philosophical breakdown where the cosmos itself stands accused of serial killing.

I know the dedication and devotion that the editors have put into this collection as one of them had asked me to contribute to the anthology. Despite my contribution clearly taking me into waters I hadn’t really charted before and my obvious lack of credentials Edia and Gary nevertheless sought to help me to craft something that could stand up beside the other contributors. Unfortunately I wasn’t up to the job. Still, it is pleasing to think that after several iterations and revisions under their editorial guidance the essay I had tried to work up died and was resuscitated only to die again, the last death being final. I hope that it will give them a smile when I accuse the editor function as being (in this instance at least) identical to that of the serial killer.

After finishing my little paper I googled “the universe is a murderer” to see the company I’d be in with such a thesis. One of only two return was a video of neil degrasse tyson giving a jokey lecture on planetary existential risks that featured a slide “The Universe Wants to Kill You” and couldn’t resist it for a title. Laugh at the dark.


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